About Us

We decided to start designing shirts because we couldn't find the ones we'd actually want to wear online or in stores. And things took off!

Now we are doing it all in an effort to clean up our lakes. 

When the time came to name our little venture, we brainstormed over dinner at a local fave for Friday fish fry in suburban Madison, WI. When things weren’t coming together as quickly as we’d hoped, we decided to just go with the next words we heard, whatever they were. So, “Can I have your croutons?” it is! Many thanks to a great 10-year-old kid!

Feel free to request products. We'd love to design shirts at cost for good causes.

All products are limited editions and as such, selections will change often. If you like what you see, please subscribe to be notified when new products are added.

NEW: Send in your photos of croutons-wear out in the wild for our gallery page, coming soon. Meanwhile, our favorites will be posted on instagram and will receive a free t-shirt of your choice.

REQUESTS: If you have a shirt in mind but don't see it here, get in touch! We can do that! 

JUST IN: Amazon has commissioned us to design shirts to sell there! Woo-hoo! These are non-Wisco shirts. 

Additionally, you can find many more products here. We've got even more designs, and include all kinds of products: stickers, mugs, phone cases, and so much more.